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I have been working with Dermophisiologique for over 12 years. With the Company I have started a program of constant but gradual personal growth, that this year there has really been a positive twist to my professional life: joining as member APEO with the willingness and objective of making the difference on the current market scene, in addition to giving an important social contribution to oncology patients before, during and after the illness. The commitment in training and the “BEAUTY EVENT” days allowed me to "get fully involved and committed", thanks to the skills and professionalism acquired during the courses, it was nice to involve my best customers in this challenge and share with them the information acquired and beauty and wellness tips. It was a moment of celebration, where I finally identified myself as a Quality Esthetician, with no more fear of competition and sure of my skills. My secret: good organization of daily work and a serious Company close and fully responding to the needs of customers.

Marina Albertelli


We have been collaborating with Dermophisiologique for over 5 years. From the very beginning we have understood the Company’s ethical behavior and made it our own role model. Having started a training course with Dermophisiologique’s Team and in particular attending the APEO Course has been the best investment for our Aesthetic Center. It has allowed us to grow both professionally and personally, approaching a range of underserved clientele that needs to be treated with high professionality and knowledge. Fundamental for our success has been the support of the Beauty Days program organized by Dermophisiologique’s Technical Educator; it has helped us to motivate clients on the utility of treatments programming in the cabin and the use of home care products, becoming for them a reference point for their wellbeing 365 days a year. Training, professionality, constant relentless commitment is the basis of our work, and the principles of Dermophisiologique.

Evelina e Serena Garraffo


E’ da poco più di un anno che abbiamo iniziato la collaborazione con Dermophisiologique e devo dire che grazie agli ottimi prodotti, alla preparazione tecnica ricevuta ed all’assistenza tecnico-commerciale personalizzata, Dermophisiologique si è dimostrata un partner d’eccellenza a 360° e, soprattutto, una scelta azzeccata per la nostra Spa, che ha sviluppato cicliche di trattamenti mirati per tutte le necessità che normalmente abbiamo e che si possono presentare (weekend, settimanali e oltre) con la piena soddisfazione della nostra clientela, che ha continuato a cercarci anche dopo il soggiorno, grata dell’esperienza provata e dei risultati ottenuti.

Sara Ranieri


Ho conosciuto dermophisiologique solo un anno e mezzo fa… sono rimasta affascinata inizialmente dal trattamento “maschera al ferro” e sono poi entrata nel metodo… e ho trovato un'azienda che effettivamente “ti prende per mano” e che, passo dopo passo, mi ha fatto stravolgere la mia azienda, seguendo le orme e l'importanza delle cicliche e dell'autocura. ho scoperto che non ci sono stagioni per i trattamenti: questo me lo conferma il fatto che riesco a vendere cicliche viso anche quando e' il momento del corpo e viceversa. Grazie dott. Ambra e grazie a Dermophisiologique e a i suoi prodotti… e un grazie speciale a Simone per la sua competenza e disponibilita'… e anche alle tecniche che hanno una grande pazienza nel formarci… Ora sono serena e sono cresciuta professionalmente; riesco ad avere il fatturato mensile che volevo!!! Saluti di cuore

Belletti Sabrina
Centro Estetico La Dea.


I’m Manuela Bertero and have been working with Dermophisiologique for a year now. Right from the start I believed firmly in Dermophisiologique: we share the same values and the same holistic approach to beauty, not just a matter of a person’s exterior appearance, but also his/her wellbeing, the manifestation of deeper, not random processes…
I must thank the company for the satisfaction I feel during the day: thanks to the full methods, supported by top quality products, the results are immediately visible and, especially, long-lasting. I’ve increased my “sales” in all age ranges, much to my surprise…
I’ve seen the number of treatments rise over the course of this past year, even in the slack periods thanks to the successful “maintenance programs”. I must add that my clients are more constant in their use of homecare products too. Working as I do in a ski resort, many of my clients from the city regularly follow their treatments at the weekends, often even giving up the chance to go skiing in order to come here. When did this all start? When I first learnt about you...
My heartfelt thanks,

Localita’ Champsil , 3 - 11025 Gressoney Saint Jean (AO)
TEL. 0125/355696


- We put professionalism and passion into our work
- You, effort and a desire to change, to improve yourself, always
- Dermophisiologique’s scientific research and instruments can help you achieve your dreams


I’ve been working with Dermophisiologique for over 3 years: I wanted to grow professionally and they’ve helped me achieve this goal thanks to their great professionalism.
I’ve learnt Method, Quality, how to put energy into my work and the desire to give my clients only the very best...
Thanks for becoming part of my "professional family"

ESTETICA RUGIADA, via Garibaldi, 10 Concordia (MO),
Tel. 0535.55.360

REGENESIS Centro Benessere Solarium

Dermophisiologique has allowed Regenesis to develop in many aspects, especially in terms of quality when it comes to selecting valid products and principles formulated according to a method.
It takes some time to learn all about the company, but very worthwhile and interesting. I particularly recall the first method course held in Pescara… a very important stage for good training, giving me all the notions needed to work successfully as a team.
I’ve also got to know and appreciate Dermophisiologique through its staff, who’ve helped my company over the years. I liked the Dermophisiologique philosophy right from the start. We have now built up an atmosphere of great trust and credibility with our clientele, thanks also to the Dermocenter which lets us perform a detailed analysis of each client’s skin.
Our clients are thoroughly satisfied with our choice. They see good results and so are quite willing to be constant in using the homecare products. I am sure we will continue to grow with Dermophisiologique, as it is a company that keeps up with latest developments and always guarantees a high standard of quality!
Affectionately, Barbara and the staff at Regenesis.