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The Padre Egidio Capitano Mission

Dermophisiologique in the Congo

For many years now Dermophisiologique has been providing aid and assistance for the development of children and the "Father Egidio Capitanio" mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A letter from Padre Egidio Capitano

Today, in the North-East of the Congo, lies the small community of Dongo, deep in the jungle, hundreds of kilometres away from our beautiful and welcoming cities. Its inhabitants work in the mines; workers are of all ages, especially children, who struggle each day through mud and debris in a desperate search to find a few milligrams of gold dust. Their efforts are all too often in vain and so they are unable to satisfy their own and their family's basic needs; at times, their hard-earned efforts are simply 'bartered' for drugs.

How long does it take to cover 100 kilometres? ...Sometimes the distances seem endless, and the streets, walls of mud and sand are insurmountable... however transportation has recently improved and water reserves have been created thanks to our 'special' pipes: now everyone can benefit by getting water supplies and refreshments at the source. After water, the other major problem is food: this is often lacking in vitamins and proteins, so valuable when it comes to ensuring children's growth and the ability to fight disease. Huge strides ahead have been made thanks also to the aid sent to cover education and health needs: we have built a new primary school specialising in Agronomy and a hospital to provide care and assistance to all... plus the most modern farming techniques to ensure survival. Our next project will be a kindergarten for the little ones...

Every now and again we throw a party, when we all gather around an old black and white TV to watch a film... but we can never completely forget the presence of those soldiers and guerrillas around us. About two months ago, some 1,200 houses and huts were burnt down in the small town of Faradje just a few kilometres away, so another 100 children lost their parents, thus becoming homeless orphans... This Community took it upon itself to give them a home, a 'family' and adequate education. In other words, we want to take care of them, too, as well as the bigger boys, despite all the hardship, daily inconveniences and poverty surrounding us. And with your continued support we are confident that all this will soon be feasible... Thank you for sharing in this solidarity with Dermophisiologique.

Even tiny gestures in our everyday life can produce something really important, helping to restore human and social dignity to these people. So much has been done and so much remains to be done to ensure these children have a better future. With everybody's help and the guidance of our Lord, even here one day there will be PEACE!