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Our Technology

All Dermophisiologique products are free of:

- Mineral oils
- Petroleum derivates
- Synthetic dyes
- Added Parabens
- Allergenic Fragrances
- Alcohol
- Not tested on animals
- Nikel Tested, Heavy Metal Tested, PEG Free.
Dermophisiologique is currently the only company with more than 10 valid international patents, extensive know-how in dermocosmetics and more than 200 exclusive formulations. It continuously invests in biochemical and pharmaceutical research. The company offers:

Products and Treatments - always innovative and years ahead of anything offered by the competition, these are created using technology similar to that used for pharmacological products and are unique in the universe of professional beauty cosmetics;

A Work Method for professional beauty salons based on the specific physiology of each customer's skin;

Executive Protocols that are easy to apply and are the result of decades of study and certificates. These have the effect of stimulating the cellular functions of the skin, while still respecting the biochemical mechanisms, thus guaranteeing perfectly rebalanced normal biological functions for all, whatever the skin type. Dermophisiologique collaborates with various University Centres and Certification Bodies: indeed, the rigorous scientific and ethical approach adopted by all its Research personnel has allowed Dermophisiologique to pursue and achieve Excellence in Quality in all its processes and products in compliance with European regulations and the strictest of quality standards:

- ISO 9001:2015 certification.
- Products of Certified Proven Effectiveness (University of Pavia).
- Dermatologically tested products.
- Raw materials of certified EEC origin.
- Products "Made in Italy" and directly created in Dermophisiologique's medical laboratories.
- Quality Policy.