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"The Other Me" Women for women

Dermophisiologique New Project

In Africa family economy still falls mainly on women's shoulders.
A young girl, who will be a woman has a designated course in life from her very early age with little or no possibility to "escape", since she has to undergo the rules of the comunity.
Travelling through a village, it is not unusual to see a child of 4-5 years old, after sunset, cooking the only meal of the family , while the mother is returning with her brothers from work in the fields.This little girl, if she is lucky, can hope to go to school after turning 8 years old after her male brothers (which take precedence) and if the mother will have enough money to pay school fees. Unfortunately, very often, girls do not complete the entire school year because, especially in the dry season and when there is no harvest, there are no funds to support them.
Fortunately, this situation is improving thanks to the awareness of the Missionary Fathers who support the role of women so that they can play an active role in the community and not just be seen as "servants" by the men or object of exchanged between the various clans. The new generations are slowly but surely acknowledging the importance of the female role, and it is not by chance that the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 went to the Kenyan Wangari Maathari and this year three other African women have received the same recognition.
Brave women who actively, even at the risk of their lives, challenge traditions and customs for a more just economy in their countries. Stories like that of Gbwee Leyman, fighting for the right of vote for women, remind us of how much there is still to be done.

To be close to these little great African women, aware of their role in the economic development and the future of their country, Dermophisiologique founded the project "The Other Me", that this year will support an educational program of 15 young women from the Dondi Community(Congo).

The "Other Me" wants to be the "bridge" that all women of Dermophisiologique want to build togethere with those in Africa because only by through interaction and knowledge one can expect and generate Respect, which is the basis of Peace on our planet.

Anyone wishing to give more strength to the realization of this "bridge" with the African women can make their own contribution to the current account to Father Egidio Capitanio, specifying the project "The Other Me" Women X Women.

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