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Dermomagnetic Maschera al Ferro® is a patented treatment of exclusive property of Dermophisiologique since 1975. The treatment products are the “Maschera al Ferro Cream”, the magnet and the special Tonic: the combined effect and synergy of these components ensures an extremely effective cleansing action of the epidermis, both superficially and in depth, and an immediate toning and firming effect as result of the magnetic stimulation.

Dermomagnetic Maschera al Ferro® a Patent renewed several times, never copied and often imitated without success today becomes ECOGREEN with actives absolutely natural, recognized and admitted in the biological and skin biocompatible Registers (Disciplinari Biologici e Biocompatibili). Particles of iron of natural origin, of high tolerability, absolutely skin-like able to interact, link and respect the skin hydrolipidic film.

A formula with sophisticated cosmetologic technology and a 3 in 1 effect:

1) SUPERFICIAL AND DEEP CLEANSING gently eliminates the superficial hyperkeratosis and favours sebum elimination and removal of comedons.

2) TONING with an antiage effect due to cellular metabolism stimulation generated by the magnetic action both during the application and rest of the mask cream and the exfoliation with the specific magnet. Production of new collagen and stimulation of microcirculation.

3) REBALANCING through restoration of superficial defenses, rebalances hydration and secretion of sebum and strengthens skin barrier.
TREATMENT RECOMMENDED individually or as a base for other treatments: face, breast, hands, make up. It is particularly recommended for deep cleansing without the use of vapour, for every age range, blemish and skin type.

Dermomagnetic Maschera al Ferro® encompasses the exclusivity of the Method [D4S]: easy to use, effective and personalized treatment. Dermomagnetic Maschera al Ferro® firms, eliminates impurities, provides a phisyological and functional rebalance of the skin. The skin acquires a bright, silky, toned, compact and elastic look.


• Superficial & Deep Cleansing
• Toning
• Oxygenizing
• Rebalancing the Hydro Lipidic Film
• Strengthening the Epidermal Barrier
• Rebalancing of Sebum Production
• Lenitive, Calming and Anti-inflammation


Mariella from Bien Etre – Italy

Dermomagnetic Maschera al Ferro®: cleansing, toning, oxygenation. The Pleasure of the Maschera al Ferro® Treatment is Unique! From the very beginning you can feel the sensation of elasticity and toning of the skin. The face is velvety. Great treatment to give brightness to a ceremony make-up.

Paola of Aesthetics Paola - Italy

And when I say "right away", I'm not exaggerating... It takes just 5 minutes to see the difference and regain skin brightness, relaxation and getting rid of all signs of fatigue. It's great to use it on all skin types... This is the Iron Mask that I have known and have been using for 27 years.

Chiara and Patrizia of Kleyo Aesthetics and Wellness - Italy

For over 20 years, we have made our customers happy and loyal with the Maschera al Ferro® Treatment. For all of them to be "caressed" by the iron and feeling the skin acquiring tone due to its magnetic force has become a real unique experience. For us professionals, however, is a synonymous of efficacy and results on any type of skin, even the most sensitive and reactive. The Maschera al Ferro® fully addresses and satisfies all of to today's needs, combining our goals with customers' expectations.