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Dermophisiologique shares the IEO-CCM Foundation's commitment to quality of life: it has, therefore, decided to support the IEO-CCM Foundation through initiatives aimed at Prevention and Wellness for those undergoing cancer therapy. There are two important goals here:

Goal 1: To disseminate information on prevention through the channel of professional beauty, through beauty salons and products for end customers;

Goal 2: To contribute to the quality of life of female IEO patients by means a wellness centre, opened in September 2013 (IEO 1 - Hall B), providing beauty services for those undergoing cancer treatment.

The "Spazio Benessere" Wellness Centre

Dermophisiologique professional beauty boosting the quality of life of IEO patients

Beauty/Cosmetic Treatments in the "Spazio Benessere" wellness centre

Dermophisiologique offers a range of highly effective products and treatments, with total respect of the skin's physiology:

Daily control of skin disease
Improved patient response to drug therapy

Special needs for skin during cancer therapy

restore the skin's natural barrier
reduce 'tewl' (transepidermal water loss)
moisturise / nourish
protect against the sun
sooth and reduce redness
minimise itching

Face and Body Treatments

The "Spazio Benessere" wellness centre offers treatment protocols of proven efficacy and a careful selection of professional skin-compatible products, such as clay, plant extracts and liquid crystal emulsions with soothing, nourishing and softening properties.

The Massages

The "Spazio Benessere" wellness centre offers manual massages for specific body areas that produce immediate benefits to suit the specific needs of each person.

Hand and Feet Treatments

The "Spazio Benessere" wellness centre has special treatments to care for the hands and feet. It uses disposable sanitised equipment and specific manicure and pedicure techniques that respect the special nature of these sensitive areas that are particularly affected by cancer therapy.

Corrective and Customised Make-Up

Thanks to the use of products free from petroleum derivatives, silicone and formaldehyde, the "Spazio Benessere" wellness centre helps cancer patients regain an even complexion and hide dark circles under the eyes, for a more radiant skin. Expert hands and special pencils can also redesign and fill the eyelashes and the eyebrows when needed.

Self-Care at Home

Treatment continues at home, with the daily use of products tailored to suit the needs of the individual.