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D4S® Method

Dermophisiologique is as a key partner in enhancing and improving the skills of beauty professionals, as well as ensuring they have a proper awareness of their own role in the path to excellence in quality.

not only treats blemishes physiologically, but also:

· Controls the problem over time, thus avoiding the need for drastic interventions, usually followed by the recurrence and chronic worsening of the original problem;
· Lets you plan and organise the beauty salon's activities over the course of the year (staffing levels and customers);
· Optimises the timing of daily schedules and throughout the year;
· Develops systems for the forecasting and monitoring of sales.

The application of medical science to cosmetology has resulted in the D4S® method that guides the Beauty Centre through the various cycles of weekly treatments, to suit the physiological stage of each imperfection and following a highly personalised and functional approach.
CHECK-UP: The purpose of the first stage is to discover the type of imperfection and get to know the customer and his/her skin-type in order to personalise the treatments and so ensure their efficacy.
PROGRAMMING: Dermophisiologique medical personnel are responsible for programming, i.e. the order of treatments to suit the physiological phases of the skin for an approach that treats the actual cause of the problem and not its symptoms.
TREATMENT: The effectiveness of any personalised treatment can only be guaranteed after assessing the person/imperfection. The intensive action of the specific formulations with their high concentrations of active principles and the professionalism and expertise of the beautician combine to ensure that Dermophisiologique beauty treatments are an incomparable experience of well-being and efficacy.
SELF-CARE AT HOME: Dermophisiologique wellness professionals will indicate the most suitable complementary products for each stage of the treatment to maximise results.